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Laos commits to ensuring the successful implementation of projects by Vietnam's key investors

Vietnam and Laos are ramping up investment cooperation in key sectors like energy, with a focus on renewable projects. As both countries grow, this is an exciting area for investors to keep an eye on.

Vietnam has already poured over $5.3 billion into Laos and that number is expected to rise even further. In 2022, Vietnam invested $180 million, a 52.5% increase from the previous year. At the same time, several projects are ongoing and these are expected to expand this year.

The Prime Minister of Laos, Mr. Sonexay Siphandone, has pledged to create favorable conditions for Vietnamese investors.

Vietnam will share its expertise in attracting and managing foreign investment and will support Laos in building policies to attract development investment. Both countries are striving to implement the plan and tackle any challenges to deepen and enhance investment cooperation.

According to recent discussions, relevant government agencies from both countries will work together more closely, with a focus on addressing current issues and creating favorable conditions for deeper and more effective business relations.

The information was recently reported by Vietnam’s Government News Portal - Source:

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