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Mekong Delta region attracts renewable energy investment

Thanks to its natural conditions and investment attraction policies, the Mekong Delta region has become a attractive destination for renewable energy development, including solar, wind, gas thermal and biomass power.

With high solar radiation ranging from 1.387-1.534 Kwh per year, the region has great advantage to develop solar energy project. In addition, coastal areas in the region have high potential to develop wind power, with wind speeds of 6.5-7m per second.

The long coastline, estuaries and islands also create favourable conditions for building warehouses, ports, gas pipelines and storage and regasification systems to develop gas-fired power projects. For biomass power, the region has a large area of production forests, providing about 225,000 - 300,000 tonnes annually of waste wood from wood production and processing. This creates an abundant raw material used for the development of biomass power.

Source: Vietnam Investment Review



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