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PIC Policy update - January 2023

Following the end of the Feed in Tariff (FiT) policy for solar (1 Jan 2021) and wind (1 Nov 2021) power projects (FiT Deadlines), Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has published the maximum tariffs available to transitional projects which missed the FiT Deadlines.

Under MOIT Report 126/BC-BCT dated 21 July 2022 transitional solar and wind power projects which were unable to achieve the FiT Deadlines include:

* 62 wind power projects with a total capacity of 3,479 MW that have signed power purchase agreements (PPAs) with Vietnam Electricity (EVN) but which were not eligible for the FiT policy;

* 5 completed or partially completed solar power projects with a total capacity of 452.62 MW, in respect of which the electricity generation tariff has not been determined; and

* Other projects under development.

There are currently 16,564 MW of solar power projects (8,907 MW of concentrated solar and 7,660 MW of rooftop solar) and 4,667 MW of wind power projects which are operational and recipients of the FiT policy in Vietnam.

Please find below our briefing on the Decision and related regulations and policies issued.

Decision 21 MOIT_2023 01102022
Tải về PDF • 145KB

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